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Anti-fog Performance Eyewear26/03/2012


If you want to look great, and avoid lenses that mist over, you’ll love our performance eyewear line including anti-fog lenses on all performance styles. Because riders ride in varying weather conditions, performance eyewear that provides clear vision through superior optical quality and anti-fog properties are a must. Harley-Davidson lenses incorporate the latest technology to ensure the most accurate vision possible, regardless of road and weather conditions.


There are two basic types of anti-fog coatings for lenses: hydrophilic (water loving) and hydrophobic (water repelling). Hydrophilic coatings absorb water and evaporate that moisture quickly to prevent fogging. These types of coatings are permanent. Hydrophobic lens coatings work by causing water to quickly slide off the lens. Hydrophobic anti-fog coatings are not permanent and can easily erode after repeated cleanings. 

Harley-Davidson anti-fog lenses utilize the permanent hydrophilic (water loving) anti-fog coating for superior anti-fog performance. The lenses are coated on front and back through a dipping process. This coating creates a permanent hydrophilic surface, which reduces surface tension to quickly absorb water and evaporate it from the surface of the lens. In fact, during tests, the lenses treated with this permanent anti-fog coating were placed directly over steam for five hours. No fog formed. 


Permanent Anti-Fog Performance. As discussed above, Harley- Davidson Performance Eyewear features a permanent anti-fog coating. Many competitors use anti-fog coatings that can wear off over time. Permanent coatings mean eyewear will provide a better field of vision in a variety of weather conditions without wearing off. 

Lens Durability. Our anti-fog technology means that the lens surface remains durable and retains its hardness under very humid conditions. The lens surface also resists scratching and UV damage while continuing to provide long-term anti-fog protection.  

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