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Each person is unique. Overall height, arm reach, upper body length, and riding style all dictate a rider’s relationship to their bike’s controls. Add in the desire for a unique, custom look, and handlebar options multiply exponentially. 



The basic design of a handlebar, which ultimately determines the placement of your hands, can be defined by the following characteristics:

  • Rise  – the vertical distance between a handlebar’s tip and its base. Adding risers to bars that sit too low can help put handgrips into your sweet spot
  • Pull Back  – the distance the handlebar tips come back toward the rider. Greater pull back can eliminate the long reach to the bar for a shorter rider
  • Width  – the measurement from tip to tip. Make sure the bar isn’t too wide as it will pull the hands off the grips when turning
  • Knurl Center  – the distance between the centerline of the bar’s knurling. The measurement should match the riser dimension to maximize clamping pressure

The diameter of the handlebar can greatly affect the look that a customer is trying to achieve.

Finish is important to customers especially considering there are so many different vehicle styles. Harley-Davidson offers both black and chrome finishes on many handlebars to complement the vast array of motorcycle styles.


Whether you are interested in a handlebar for ergonomics or style, the type you choose will determine your riding position

  • Ape Hanger & Tallboy®  Bars – Tall and wide, ape hanger and Tallboy® handlebars provide aclassic “fists-in-the-wind” look and can add long-haul comfort to riders with long arms
  • Drag Handlebar – Narrow, flat and more aggressive, drag bars provide a straight elbow and neutral hand and wrist position. For maximum comfort, drag bars can be positioned with curved or straight risers to minimize stretch to the controls
  • Pull Back – Designed with shorter riders in mind, pull back handlebars move the grip position up and back from stock to a more ergonomic-friendly location. Not just for shorter riders, pull back handlebars will put any rider in a more upright and relaxed riding position
  • Wide Beach Bar – Low and wide, a beach bar spreads your arms and gives you room to breathe. While ideal for the rider with long arms, beach bars can be a little too wide for many riders. While selecting a bar, make sure you can reach the hand controls when the handlebar is fully turned 

Bat Wing Mini-Ape Handlebar

P/N 57485-11, Satin Black

P/N 57474-11, Chrome

You’ll love throwing your fists in the air with these 12-inch ape hangers. Shaped to rest hands just above the top of the classic Bat Wing fairing, these bars feature a tall stance and minimal amount of pull back that help achieve a cool yet comfortable riding profile. Finished in brilliant chrome or satin black, these 1-inch handlebars accept internal wiring for a clean look.

Pull Back Handlebar – FXS Blackline®

P/N 55800032

Designed with 4 inches of additional pull back, this two-piece handlebar is shaped to bring the controls closer to the rider. Not just for the short rider, this sleek bar adapts the riding position to put almost any size rider in an upright, relaxed riding profile. Finished in gloss black, this 1-inch diameter handlebar can be internally wired for a clean look and is styled to match the aggressive stance of the Softail® Blackline® motorcycle.


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