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Suspension Products10/09/2012

Suspension is often one of the most overlooked areas that can affect the overall motorcycle riding experience. You want a smooth, supple ride and an excellent road “feel”. You want exceptional durability as well as options to customize for fit, function and style, You can get it all. Harley-Davidson suspension products go far beyond simple lowering kits. Harley-Davidson offers a wide range of suspension upgrade options that not only lower seat height for a better fit, but also improve performance and ride quality for better function, and they look good too!


No one performs more testing and development than Harley-Davidson on its Original Equipment and Genuine Motor Accessories products. Due to the critical nature of suspension components, Harley-Davidson takes extraordinary measures to ensure every component fits correctly, functions flawlessly and delivers performance. 

Comfort Flex Rear Shocks for most ’11-later XL and ’05-later Softail® models* are the perfect solution for cost-conscious riders who are looking to gain a noticeable improvement in ride quality and don’t mind a small increase in seat height. XL P/N 54000040; Softail® P/N 54000041.

Premium Ride, Hand-Adjustable Rear Shocks for most ’09-later Touring models offer customers unparalleled ride quality and performance at a competitive price. These shocks utilize a single-tube, nitrogen-charged emulsion design for enhanced compression and rebound damping compared to your stock air shocks. Hydraulic, hand adjustability means simple, spring preload adjustments when changing vehicle loading, without requiring an air pump. A big advantage over the competition is that only one side needs to be adjusted. Take comfort to the next level by using standard-height shocks (P/N 54000008) instead of low shocks (P/N 54680-10) for slightly more stroke and cushion.

Premium Ride, Double Cartridge Front Fork Kit for most ’09-later Touring models offers superior performance and ride quality with the same height and stroke as Original Equipment front suspension. Improved resistance to front brake dive improves cornering and enhances bottoming control. This kit is designed to complement the Premium Ride, Hand-Adjustable Rear Shocks, and it works great with Original Equipment shocks as well. P/N 45500106.

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