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Safety is everything. So to make you stand out to motorists, we've designed bright Hi-Vis vests, jackets and rain suits using high-visibility fluorescent orange color and 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material.

The 3M Scotchlite Reflectivity technology - called ‘retro-reflection’ - reflects light back to motorists up to 500 feet away in low-light conditions. When you consider that wearing generic reflective material makes you visible from 100 to 150 feet, or 75 feet if you're not wearing anything, you can appreciate how much safer you are with our Hi-Vis functional outerwear.

You can throw on Hi-Vis gear that protects you from the elements with water-resistant or waterproof materials. Our Hi-Vis rain suit includes bottoms with anti-slip traction, so that you can stay put during your ride. And if the element is heat, we've got that covered, too, with our functional jacket. Unzip the front and back vents and you can instantly cool down. But what about protection from the unknown? You can opt for Hi-Vis gear with removable body armor that absorbs energy at key stress points. That's even more reassurance to take with you on the road. You can never be too safe.


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